After many years of working in various printing houses and exploring different areas of typography I can offer an excellent standard of typesetting and layout. My love of books has dictated my initiative to set up a service for writers who wish to publish their works, whether it is a novel, a poetry book or a photo book. I am a reader myself and am ready to help writers create books that are not only a pleasure to read, but also to hold in one’s hands.

Nowadays in self-publishing typesetting is often done automatically, but there will always be nuances that artificial intelligence cannot handle. In order to minimise such blunders, I guarantee to work individually through every page, making sure that the book reads naturally, without layout mishaps distracting the reader.

General information

So you have written a text, but it is not a book yet, it is a manuscript. Before this manuscript becomes a book it should ideally go through following steps:


editing and proofreading




cover design


final proofreading
The editor should fix your writing mistakes and inconsistencies. A proofreader could fix any spelling, grammar and formatting errors that you may have missed. These services I have to leave up to you, dear writer. You can either ask your friends and relatives to proofread your work and check for any errors, or, alternatively you could seek out independent proofreaders like Samantha, whose services can be found here. On my end, I will process your text so that it fits certain rules of typesetting and has a finished book aesthetic.

Physical book

I will provide you your typeset book as a pdf document that you should read through and note down if you think it has any errors and flaws and notify me of them via the text marking feature. If you aren’t familiar with Adobe Acrobat Reader you can see how to do it here.

After you confirm that the typeset book is to your satisfaction, I will provide it in a format that will allow you to easily publish it on Amazon or enywhere else.


Unlike a physical book, an eBook cannot be ‘fixed’, as the devices that it will be read on, such as Kindle, allow the reader to change many parameters like text size, font, etc. This can drastically change the appearance of a page on the e-reader.

This is why I will initially ensure the maximum possible text quality in Microsoft Word and then typeset it into an eBook format after your final approval.

I will provide your finished book in Amazon kdp format, which you can open and review using Amazon Kindle Previewer. If the finished book is to your full satisfaction, you can upload it and publish it on Amazon.

Important Information

If you wish to sell your book outside of Amazon you will need an ISBN and a barcode. You can purchase them yourself, or I could do it for you.


How much does it cost

So, the most important part, the costs of the services. I provide two different offers.

Option 1


~£ 200.00*

Physical book typesetting:

~£ 250.00*

eBook typesetting:

~ £ 200.00*

All of the above:

~ £ 500.00*
*ISBN & Barcode not included in the price. The price can vary depending on the overall complexity of the work.
Prices based on Amazon paperback 127x203mm up to 300 pages.

Option 2

No upfront cost. You give me the rights to your book and I publish it on my Amazon account and promote it on my Facebook page and the rest is up to luck. As soon as I will earn further £500.00 from the sales, the rest of the proceeds will be split between us, 80% going to you and 20% to me. Once I earn £1000.00 overall, 99% of the revenue will go to you and 1% to me.

The book will be published using the following options:

35% Royalty

eBook revenue
~ £0.50

Paperback Price revenue ~ £1.00

Bear in mind that this revenue is not fixed and is subject to change due to Amazon having different pricings in different regions and due to conversion rates. The price of the book itself is dependant on the page count for the paperback and the file size for eBook. EBook publication will also be a part of the KDP Select programme which gives the readers an opportunity to read the book without a separate purchase and the royalties are calculated using a different scheme.

I think this pricing is appropriate for reaching the widest possible audience on a budget, since you can spend the money that you would have spent on design and typesetting on promotion or editing.

You can buy back the rights to your book at any time.

If I have not published it yet, you can do so by switching to Option 1

If the book is published and I haven’t reached £500* revenue, it will cost you up to £500*

If I have earned £500*, it will only cost you £1

After the transfer of rights I will remove your book from my Amazon account.

* Cost based on Amazon paperback 127x203mm up to 300 pages. The cost can vary depending on the overall complexity of the work.